Different Types of Straw Hats Buy from Markiplier Store

Are you looking for promotional gifts to effectively promote your company this summer? Custom hats are your best choice and Markiplier store your trusted supplier!

With the arrival of good weather, the terraces, festivals and beaches get crowded. They are places with a large influx of people and therefore ideal spaces to promote yourself with our personalized hats. Cheap custom hats are advertising gifts deeply rooted in our country, useful, modern, elegant and with a huge advertising impact. You will not fail if this summer you give away one of our personalized hats.

At Markiplier store we are specialists in the sale and customization of custom hats wholesale. We offer an exceptional collection of cheap custom Markiplier cap, made of different materials such as straw, polyester, synthetic fiber or even colored custom hats.

Buy Custom Hats Online

If you are thinking of making cheap custom hats with your logo to promote your company, you are in the right store. Buying personalized hats online with us is quick and easy. Visit our collection of hats, tell us which model you like and send us your logo.

Our sales team reviews all custom hat manufacturers to offer you the best offer. Our specialized graphic workshop performs all kinds of graphic simulations to achieve the best advertising impact on your personalized hats and above all real simulations that show almost perfectly the final finish of the personalized hats so that the final result is as expected.

The Best Custom Hats Wholesale

At Markiplier store we always try to offer the best offer to our clients combined with exceptional customer service. In custom hats there is no exception. We have a large collection of cheap custom hats, classic straw hats, polyester or synthetic fiber.

Cheap and Elegant Straw Hats

It’s best-selling custom hat model and also our favorite. These are custom hats made of straw, available in 2 different color tones. Robust and very elegant with an inner strap to carry it comfortably.


As we all know, hats are garments that cover the head from both the sun and the cold, but also serve as a distinction to determine the odd social or professional status. But they not only serve to protect us, but we also use them as an accessory and complement to our looks, to the point of becoming a trend today.

Not everyone dares with them, and, although we can find them in many styles and shapes, they can always be a bit risky for those who dress in a more classic way and do not feel like staring.

Straw Hats

The straw hat or Panama hat is the traditional one with a brim from Ecuador, made with the braided leaves of palm trees. Its origins come from Ecuador and date back to the time of the construction of the Panama Canal, when millions of hats were sent from Ecuador so that the workers who built the bridge had something to cover themselves with. You would be surprised to know each and every one of the types of Markiplier cap that exist. We will tell you!

Custom Fiber Hats

If you are not looking for cheap personalized hats and want to give your customers a higher quality hats, we highlight our personalized synthetic fiber hats. A super elegant option, Cuban style and high quality. We have a wide variety of ribbon colors so that you can choose the most appropriate and according to your company or image.

How is the Customization of the Personalized Hats?

At Markiplier store we mark on the unfolded and unmounted ribbon on the hats, in this way we offer a customization that makes the most of the fabric and that covers all sides of the hat, thus expanding the reach of the brand and giving a greater advertising impact. Once the ribbon is personalized, we proceed to place it on the hat by stitching it on the back.