• Organique et de production durable et écologique
  • Fait à la main
  • 100% sans produits chimiques
  • Non testé sur les animaux
ELUCX is an {ECO &} brand; hence the name, a brand using the highest quality, sustainable, organic ingredients. All products are handcrafted in small batches with organic oils, butters, essential oils and botanical extracts. I believe quality skin & body care products could be created using only sustainable organic ingredients without harming the environment. Less is always better than more, quality over quantity.
ELUCX has been built on these foundations: 
+ Sustainable Organic Ingredients
+ Recyclable /Reusable Packaging
+ 100% Free of Chemicals (no artificial colors, no artificial fragrance, no parabens, no SLS and no unnatural preservatives).
+ Never Tested on Animal
I think our actions bear great impact in our lifetime but also our children’s future generations. 

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