Add a touch of style to your cell phone with stylish phone charms

If you think that phone charms are outdated accessories then you need to check out the social media once. These colorful and stylish charms have made a comeback to the market and are now available in many stylish and colorful designs. Apart from the beaded phone strap, now there are beaded wristlets also available. From rainbow colors to customized evil eye designs, there are many options from which you can make your selection.

Some of the best options that you can consider are as follows.

Floral beads – The multicolored floral beads are surely going to catch your attention. These are beautifully weaved in a thread and you can easily attach it to your cell phone.

Alphabet strap – the beads come with the option of customization. You can get a strap or a wristlet with alphabetical beads of your name. You can also gift one to your loved ones and surprise them.

Evil eye – To add some uniqueness to the chains, the manufacturers have come up with a strap with an evil eye. Evil eye is a charm that is believed to keep you protected from the bad omen or bad intentions of others.

Colorful hearts – As the name suggests, this charm will have small colorful hearts that are made from clay. They are of high quality and are compatible will all the cell phones.

Benefits of getting beaded straps

Style – with beads available in different kinds, styles and colors, one can invest in the beads of their choice. These beaded straps can also be customized as per the dress that you are wearing.

Safety – people spend most of their time on their devices and to prevent slipping and keep them safe, they can invest in beaded phone straps. They will keep the device safe from falls.