A Complete Guide to Filler Flowers and Foliage

Greenery is vital when creating a floral arrangement. If your flowers were not surrounded by greenery, they would blend in with the surroundings. With the addition of greenery and filler flowers, your bouquet will seem livelier, brighter, more ordered, and well-put-together.

How will you impress others who view your arrangements? With the flowers, fillers, and leaves from our sola wood flowers collection, you may create a stunning bouquet or floral arrangement with Luv Sola. These selections all complement the Luv Sola flowers. But what sorts of plants are there? Are our products different enough to let you create the world you want to live in?

What Exactly Are Filler Flowers?

Filler flowers and small flower sprays are synonymous. Bouquets contain filler flowers. Florists and floral designers use filler flowers to fill in the spaces between the major blooms in a floral arrangement.

Filler flowers provide depth and richness to a floral arrangement by introducing a variety of textures. As a way to complete a bouquet, the necessary number of filler flowers must be used. As a result, the arrangement may look cluttered and disorganized.

To make the arrangement appear more logical and regular, use smaller filler foliage leaves as highlights. Setaria and other feathery plants may be utilized to give a design a delicate or airy feel. Floral arrangements benefit from filler flowers with rough textures, such as Protea Repens.

The complexity, richness, and brilliance of Luv Sola’s dried and preserved filler flowers are astounding. Their height and color will enhance your arrangements, and they may even become the main attraction on their own. Filler flowers may be used to cover gaps in your wooden flower arrangements.

Types of Flowers Used as Filler

Because they are suitable for two different types of foliage, the Luv sola flowers stand out in a bouquet. The filler flowers that are available must be used. When coupled with our Sola wood flowers, the meticulously planned and organized foliage allows the flowers to shine while maintaining their exquisite beauty.

You may make a bouquet for a particular occasion with our foliage. Greenery is essential to a bouquet’s overall aesthetic. But what are the two kinds of greens?

Plant Life is Safe

Use preserved greenery and a variety of vibrant accents, such as reds, greens, yellows, and oranges, to make your bouquet stand out. Each type of preserved greenery complements any of our flowers wonderfully, can be used for a long time, and is a fantastic addition to any occasion that calls for flowers.

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Because artificial foliage does not wilt or dry out like natural greenery, it helps to extend the life of your arrangement. Because artificial greenery is available in so many different colors, shapes, and sizes, you have a lot more creative license and can create any arrangement you can imagine. Our Sola flowers come in any color, style, or variety, and when combined with synthetic greenery, your bouquet will last longer and be more environmentally friendly.

How Can Filler Flowers and Greenery Be Used in Your Home?

Filler flowers may be utilized in any house design since Luv Sola provides a vast selection to fit your needs. Depending on your chosen style, consider the things on the following list.

Flowers For Filler in a Country and Bohemian Style

There are several options available from Luv Sola in terms of aesthetics. Floral Buttons are pink, spherical blossoms with a fluffy, button-like appearance. Look for anything with a warm golden tone. Consider the Billy balls in this case. They resemble Floral Buttons and are their little counterparts.

Phalaris, with its exquisite texture and crimson hue, is an excellent substitute. Phalaris is tall, dry grass that looks well in bohemian or rustic settings.

You may also think of Caspia, which has been preserved. You can give your most avant-garde and free-spirited creations height and a fluffy appearance by spraying them with this amazing wispy spray. Furthermore, the brilliant fuchsia tint will give your work the necessary “pop.”

Modern and Traditional Filler Blossoms

To complete this theme, try using preserved spiral eucalyptus. This plant is perfect for anchoring displays due to its towering stature and rich, dark color. The aroma is lovely, and the texture is silky and smooth.

Platyspermum is a flower that is occasionally used as filler in bouquets. This plant is unusual in that it is very fragile, allowing it to add a soft, subtle background element to the overall design of a bouquet. Its petals are tiny, almost like buttons, and vary in shape—some are spherical, while others are oval. This flower’s color pallet frequently runs from creamy whites to light pinks and purples, bringing a touch of delicacy and elegance.

Protea Repens’ angular and pointed features make it an excellent addition to any blend. This choice comes in yellow, red, or orange tones. There is no texture like Protea Repens, which lends a beautiful, three-dimensional feel to anything you do with it.

Luv Sola sells green filler flowers as well as other filler flower choices. You may discover the best way to finish your arrangement. When ordering filler flowers, pay close attention to the details. Some filler flowers are sold in bunches, while others are sold individually. It is also critical to consider the height of your arrangement so that you can do the concept you have in mind and do it correctly.


A bouquet will be regarded incomplete if it lacks leaves since the flowers will not be able to exhibit their full beauty. Another important issue is choosing the right sort of plant. You are strongly encouraged to visit our website and start creating your bouquet from the various elements after carefully contemplating the overall style you wish to create.

On our website, you will find not one, not two, but three various flower types, as well as a wide range of foliage, to let you create the bouquet of your dreams using the tools we provide. Furthermore, we give excellent teaching and assistance as you work on your first project. To learn more about Sola Flowers, please click here to visit our website. We cannot wait to help you with any of your future arrangement needs!