7 sexy date nightwear that will impress your partner

Night dresses for women should be such that they not only offer the comfort and warmth needed for a good night’s sleep but also look hot enough to entice your partner. So if you are feeling frisky tonight and want to spend time with your partner, you need one of the best night dresses for women.

If you want to work your charm on your man, a chic and sexy night dress will work wonders for you. Instead of wearing those boring cotton shirts and pyjamas, you can go savage in your sexy avatar in a sexy night dress for women. Ditch those cotton maxi gowns for something sexy and raunchy if you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom. 

Check out this quick guide for sexy night dresses for women that you can wear on a cosy date night at home with your partner. These night dresses are hot and pretty enough to sweep your man off his feet. 

  1. Kaftan night dresses: Kaftans have made a royal comeback not just as the perfect daywear but also as sexy nightwear. Printed kaftans are an ideal choice if you want to turn up the temperature in your bedroom. You can do away with the long ones and opt for a shorter version. Go for a satin kaftan to give you the perfect sexy look.
  2. Sleep shorts and tees: Donning a sexy look doesn’t mean you have to compromise with comfort. You can still look hot in the bedroom by pairing a cropped baby T-shirt with tiny sleep shorts. This is an ideal choice when you’re feeling hot, not just between the sheets.
  3. Nighty slip: What can be sexier than wearing a nightgown in the bedroom? If you want to throw your partner off guard, slip into a sexy satin nighty slip, perhaps a black or a red one and watch his jaw open wide for you. A sleeveless satin nighty slip with a side slit will know how to work its magic on your partner.
  4. Honeymoon nightwear: If you newlyweds can’t seem to keep your hands off each other, make the most of your honeymoon phase in a knee-length one-piece nighty with lace detailing around the hem.
  5. Two-piece wedding nightwear: Flirt with your partner overnight by slipping into sexy two-piece nightwear featuring a lace satin slip with a plunging neckline worn underneath a matching robe. 
  6. Three-piece nightwear: This type features a top and shorts in one piece, a lacy satin slip and a matching satin robe. If you want to go all hot, choose red or black.
  7. Transparent babydolls: If you want your nighty to do the talking all night, a sheer babydoll is a perfect choice, especially if you’re on your honeymoon or want to reignite the spark in your married life. Wear this and surprise your partner; we bet he won’t be able to keep his hands and eyes off you.

If you want to work your charm on your partner, these are the ideal nightwear for women to shop for.