5 Ideas to Create a Fusion of Traditional Jewelry and Western Outfits

It’s always good to Mix and match things. We usually match our traditional jewellery with our traditional clothes. Let’s experiment with something special! How about mixing and matching your traditional jewelry with a western outfit? Excited!! Me too. Have a look at these amazing ideas to create a fusion of these two.

Chunky Rings 

The beauty of a big ethnic ring is that its only criteria are that it just needs to be eye-catching, making it a great way to flaunt your attitude and express your identity. Pair these Beautiful Rings with full sleeves tops, dresses or gowns. They create a beautiful fusion of two worlds. These rings could be your Polki, Kundan, Cocktail rings which you were waiting to wear at some traditional event. Now, you can wear it at brunch or kitty parties too.

Buy Oversized Earrings

Yes! They look phenomenal with western dresses. Wear your elegant hanging earrings with broad neckline dresses, gowns. They even look breathtaking with tube tops and backless dresses. Jhumkas are one the best earrings to team up with Western dresses. Oversized hoop earrings add glam to your fancy jumpsuit. Don’t just wait for special occasions to flaunt your earrings collection at the next event you are going for.

Statement Necklaces

A brilliant neckpiece is all you need to elevate your western outfit. Big and heavy necklaces, which you don’t even remember when you last wore them, are the perfect fit if you want all eyes on you. A collared white shirt dress teamed up with a heavy stone necklace. Feels good, right?? Wear them with jeans, dresses, gowns and more.

Bangles embedded with Stones

Wearing Bangles is a basic way to give a traditional look to your Western outfit. But what about heavy sparkling gemstone bangles? They dazzle as you walk into a room. A great option to pair up with sleeveless tops and gowns. You can get various styles and combinations online. This is one of the best means to achieve an indoor pool, western look.

Choose Heavy Anklets 

Anklets or Payals are smart pieces to add on with ankle-length dresses, jeans and jumpsuits. This is a delightful way of mixing two diverse styles, where the jewellery conserves your traditionalist style while the dress gives you a modern edge of looking trendy. There are many options available online. Opt for heavy statement Payals with pearls and Kundans. It will instantly raise your style quotient.

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And finally, wear it as you mean it! These traditional pieces are worn to draw attention to your style. They can be an interesting talking point and people will be looking at them. So, all you need is confidence while wearing them. Flaunt them and enjoy the attention.