5 Factors You Must Consider Before Buying A Cricket Bat


If you need to purchase a cricket bat, it is imperative that you are familiar with the top suggestions that are very helpful when purchasing new cricket bats. You are almost certain to be taken advantage of if you do not have a solid understanding of the criteria that should be considered when purchasing a quality cricket bat. You just need to have a few easy factors in mind when shopping for or selecting a decent cricket bat in order to compete in a contest or tournament. This will make batting easier for you, allowing you to score the highest possible amount of sixes and fours. The following are the most helpful ideas that the author shared with regard to selecting or choosing a decent cricket bat.

  1. Weight of bat 

The weight of the bat is, in addition to its length, an additional vital aspect to take into consideration. It’s a crucial turning moment in the game. Although heavier bats are much more durable and exert a bigger effect on the ball when they make contact with it, certain batsmen find them difficult to play with. Your effectiveness will suffer as a result of this since you will be unable to swing your bat quickly enough to make contact with the ball. This would make your control less precise and will be detrimental to the performance as a whole.

Lightweight bats are ideal for newcomers. They are light, simple to manipulate, and need less strength as well as effort, all of which contribute to the cricket bat having a faster swing speed. On the other hand, their durability isn’t always great, and they might rapidly deteriorate over time. You can order cricket bat online from reputed dealers to get cush bats delivered. 

  1. Pickup

Heavy weights are difficult to play successfully for batsmen because of their large profiles, although massive profiles are enjoyed by everyone. Your physical characteristics, like height and strength, are the only things that can tell you which cricket bat would assist you in performing at your absolute best. Because of this, it is obvious that no one can advise you about which bat will provide a good pickup for you; rather, the question that needs to be answered is, “What seems appropriate for me?”

  1. Ping

The bat’s ability to ping demonstrates its strength and control when it’s struck by the ball. When compared to a bat with such a low ping, one with a high ping can successfully rebound the ball more often. The sound that is produced by a bat is determined by the material that it is made of. Whenever we strike the ball with such a bat, there occurs a contact between the surface of the ball as well as the surface of the bat.  During the impact, both of these surfaces become more compact. If a bat seems to have good ping, this will contract less, which also will, in turn, energy be transferred to the ball, which also will, in turn, rebound the ball with much more speed and efficiency.

  1. Curve

A cricket bat, as you may have seen, has a slight bend to it. The bat’s balance is improved, more elegance is added to different shots, as well as the perfect spot is enlarged thanks to the bat’s curved shape. The curvature serves an important purpose in that it softens the blow on certain shots, allowing for more ease and accuracy. It paves the way for shoots from unplayable angles.

  1. Budget

Set a price limit before you begin searching for a cricket bat. The abundance of options on websites can indeed be overwhelming, leading us to make a purchase we don’t really need. So, firstly determine the price range within which you are comfortable shopping for a cricket bat.

When shopping for a cricket bat, these are a few factors that you should take into consideration. Do not place any restrictions on yourself since, at the end of the day, you should feel free to utilize whichever bat is most suitable for you.