5 Dressing Tips for Parents in Dressing their Kids for Playdates

It is crucial to dress your child appropriately for every occasion, especially for play dates and picnics. Here are five tips you can use to choose your girls and boys two piece outfits for playdates.

#1 Ensure the Clothes Pass the Bend and Twist Test

Playing is no fun if you’re worried about clothes sliding down or getting caught on something. During playtime, you want kids to bend, twist, run, jump, and move however they want. Clothes that are soft and stretchy with some give are great for active kids. A skirt and shirt combo for your girls is not ideal.

#2 Stick with Clothes that You Can Easily Wash

Play clothes are bound to be put in the wash often since kids wear them during playtime. Keep it effortless and avoid clothes with complicated washing instructions. Choose clothes you can launder in the cold and then hang them to dry. Using the dryer too often can make clothes shrink or wear faster.

#3 Go a Size Larger or Adjustable

Start preferring garments that are somewhat bigger than necessary. They last longer and are more comfortable. Adjustable clothing, particularly jeans and other sorts of clothes, can provide you with leeway, especially with a smaller budget.

#4 Kids Should be able to Put it On and Off Effortlessly

Having simple garments for children to remove makes life so much easier. Ensure that their trousers are simple to take down and not too tight. Clothes like kids button down shirts can take too long to put on or take off, so keep that in mind.

#5 Learn to Pick Your Battles

Every parent will tell you that your kids will not like every set of clothes you buy. There would be a day that your kids will find the polka dot shirt you bought likeably. However, they would most likely hate it most days.

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